The Best of Detroit | Our Mixers Paired with Detroit

It all comes back to Michigan. At least that’s what Cleo Lythgoe’s life proved. Once she retired from her bootlegging days, she landed at the Hotel Tuller in Detroit and lived the rest of her adventurous life there. Let’s take a tour of Cleo’s final adventure, Detroit, through the lens of our mixers.

Rendezvous & the Eastern Market

Do you know what pairs well with a stroll through the Eastern Market’s variety of artists, homemade goods, and music? Something with a pineapple and pomegranate twist. Rendezvous is all about putting that fruity and fun spin on a normal drink, and that’s exactly what the Eastern Market does for Detroit. As a hub for all different cultures, foods, and more, the market brings a special flair to the city. Not convinced? Grab your Rendezvous (and someone to share it with) and hit up the Eastern Market.

Sinister & Detroit Riverfront Conservatory

There’s nothing sinister about the Detroit Riverfront Conservatory, but being by the water calls for a margarita — We don’t make the rules. Between the views and the people watching, it’s always an experience at the riverfront. 

The Sinister mixer is a staple to the cocktail world, just as Detroit isn’t complete without the Riverfront Conservatory. We’ll take this one on the rocks, just like the river.

Tuller & the GM Renaissance Center

This one is for the business people in their corporate jobs sipping on old fashions. The seven skyscrapers are giving us major professional, big-city vibes, and nothing goes better with that than a classic cocktail. The GM Renaissance Center, also known as RenCen, is solid Detroit. From the diverse offices it holds to the shopping and dining options, the RenCen is a necessary stop. We think this about the Tuller too.

Zozzled & John K King Rare & Used Books

For our spunky and bubbly friends, we’ve got the perfect combination of Zozzled and John K King Rare & Used Books. Nestled on the corner of Lafayette and Fifth, this bookstore is a hidden gem. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a quiet reading corner or new shelf of books pops up. Similarly, Zozzled seems like your average, run-of-the-mill mule mixer until the ginger breaks through. 

Detroit is a city for the big names, and Cleo Lythgoe surely made hers known. Not sure where to start on your Cleo & Co. tour? Give us a holler.